The concept is similar to the rough draft; is the set of ideas and concepts that characterize the project, and the basis for its realization. In the Concept phase are provided all the architectural and style guidelines. The Customer may already have an idea of space, sizing and distribution flows of the project, as well as the atmosphere and style that characterize it.

This phase is carried on through floor plans, functional layout, typical sections, elevations, sketches, diagrams, photos, etc. It also consists in the use of images that are not strictly related to the work of the firm, which represent elements of decoration or environments similar to the chosen style.

Final Architectural Project

Contains all the elements necessary for an understanding of the project by the developer as well as the verification of the technical, economic and administrative aspects.

It consists of detailed floor plans, elevations and main sections of the overall project, whole and a quantity of 3D views helpful to understand the main spaces.

Executive Project

It involves the engineering of all the processes and defines fully and in any particular architectural, structural and plant the intervention to be carried out. It consists of working drawings that define in detail all the constructive details from walls, to waterproofing, systems, finishes and decorations.


The final stage of construction site management accompanies the customer in the last choices, it suggests on finishes, objects and about communication and advertising of their investment. It is a critical step for further improvement and development of every element needed to make unique every project.