News Studio Bizzarro

In more than 30 years the Studio Bizzarro & Partners has achieved, a specific experience in consulting and designing from hospitality and wellness spaces to retail spaces, restaurants and private houses, according with a strong Italian style and with the porpouse to create environments able to make people living extraordinary emotional and sensorial experiences.
The office has designed many Hotels and Resorts, each of them intent is to give a pleasant staying in prestigious environments, with an innovative and refined design.
SPA, Thermae, Beauty Farm and Wellness Centres where the water itself is not just an healing element, but most of all it is a real fun, relax and emotions source.
Wellness Clubs and implants for physical activity that join an excellent logistic, a refined technology and utilizations of an effective and profitably space.
Studio Bizzarro & Partners designs retail spaces with a keen eye for an engaging design in order to improve the commercial profitability; the restaurants design aim to lead the customer in a real sensorial experience,
The Studio Bizzarro & Partners philosophy is also applied on private house design, meant as architecture inspired by a wellness lifestyle.

“Involving people emotionally in order to offer them an unforgettable experience in every situation, exceeding expectations”