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The exclusive and refined image that the Studio Bizzarro & Partners creates in its projects starts by thinking the future managing of the projected structures. The logistic, the choice of the materials, the implants and their maintenance, the technologies and the energy saving, the advanced research of technological details, the best design choices for staff, all of this is carefully considered and it is the real base of the project itself. Investments and resources are carefully evaluated in order to maximize the economical return, because these structures are designed for investors and professionals who want a reliable source of profit and not economic and management problems. Starting from these assumptions, the Studio Bizzarro & Partners designs and creates structures that lead people in an exclusive world and caresses and surrounds the visitors in an unique experience. For us designing wellness means, playing with the water, dominating steam, managing sounds, dramatizing places, creating sets, using colors and light. It means indicating the paths by invisible and odorous ways, making feel the materials on your skin, creating emotions, setting up scenarios. It means make you live a real fable. It means leading people in a sensual dimension, rewarding for each sense, in this way every experience will be emotional, exclusive, intimate, unique, unforgettable.


We walk on a wire between heart and technique ! The studio’s projects are characterized by the search of elegance and durability , always identifying a recognizable brand in accordance with customer requirements. The mission is to serve the customer to make the most of the work expressing themselves in a different way but with stylistic consistency . This creative approach is supported by a proven technical ability of organization and functionality of the spaces , starting with a special attention to compliance with the budget and the search for innovative technological solutions . Ability that comes from years of experience in the design , starting from small projects to large examples of architecture