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Three Luxury Spa Awards | La Coquillade

Three Luxury Spa Awards

“Sergio Bizzarro, The Star Italian Spa Architect.
Sergio Bizzarro, President and Founder of Studio Bizzarro & Partners, has huge and specific experience in designing prestigious hotel, from the architecture to the interior design.
He has in-depth knowledge of the design and costruction of Spa and Wellness centres; in this field he is considered to be one of the major referencesat international level.
Projects undertaken are based on the maximum functionally of space distribution,innovation, easy maintenance, with attention to costs, economical retournand lon-term durability.
The image conveyed through his projects is always characterized by elegance and unique style, which combines emotional impact and scenery. His works are published in the most prestigious journals and international publications”.

PP 86 – 89  |

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